Everything You Need to Know About Audio Gear 

There was a time when smartphones were not the staple products that they are today. Instead, everyone relied on music, audio talk shows or news broadcasts to keep them entertained when the television was not an option. There were the audio products like Walkmans of the ‘80s, the Discman of the ‘90s, then came the iPods and Zoons.

While the devices themselves have clearly evolved through time, one thing remains constant even today — the need for headphones or earphones. Without these trusty audio gear, most portable devices would not have been able to serve their purpose. 

In the past, audiophiles were typically seen with bulky headphones as they promised a more immersive listening experience. Today, thanks to audio brands and tech giants that took away the beloved headphone jack, consumers have shifted their interest to wireless earbuds with bluetooth connectivity.

The evolution of audio products from wired to wireless isn’t just a physical change. Now, users are able to not only listen to music, but also use it as a hands-free device for talking on the phone — without the need for a visible mic. 

These portable audio devices have allowed us to multitask like never before. We no longer have to “unplug”. We can listen to our favorite tunes while working out at the gym, accept an important phone call while on the road, and not have to worry about water damage while lounging by the pool 

How to Choose the Best Audio Products?

Choosing the best audio product for you all depends on your needs and budgets. While the “in” thing today may be wireless bluetooth earbuds, some people still prefer to have the option of being plugged in. 

Before deciding on your purchase, you have to consider your lifestyle. What will you use the product for? Where will you be using it the most? 

If you’re looking for a pair you can use for work and important phone calls, noise cancelling ability is an important feature to consider. However, if you plan to use your earphones for commuting, it’s advised to choose a pair that still allows you to be aware and hear background noise. A wired set or a speakerphone is more recommended if you plan to use them for long hours at home or work. If you plan to use it for working out, it’s crucial to choose something that’s sweat-proof and waterproof. Other things to look at include battery life, comfort, and sound quality. 

Whatever you need your earphones for, the brands Anker and Soundcore will have just the perfect one for you. 

Best Audio Products You’ll Love

The Soundcore Life Q20 features hybrid active noise cancelling hi-resolution audio and deep bass at a great price. These wireless over-ear headphones make the perfect companion for travelling as it offers 40 hours of playtime and can easily drown out any outside noise. This luxurious pair is built with memory foam allowing for maximum comfort — no need to press pause or worry about sore ears after long use. 

For the runners and the gym rats out there, the Soundbuds Slim and Soundbuds Flow offer lightweight Bluetooth 4.1 earphones with water-resistant nano coating, making them the perfect workout buddy. They also offer up to seven hours of battery life so you never have to experience running out of juice in the middle of a workout. The easy control options allow you to change song or answer calls effortlessly, while the multi-size EarTips and InEar-Hooks allow you to move freely without discomfort or worrying about your Soundbuds falling off. 

The Soundcore Liberty Neo and Liberty 2 Pro are wireless earbuds offering premium build quality with the former’s IPX5 liquid protection and the latter’s Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture which produces deep bass & sound. The Soundcore Liberty Neo has an ultra lightweight build and up to 12 hours of battery life and is fully sweat-proof. The Soundproof Liberty 2 Pro can get you up to eight hours of playtime and boasts HearID Custom Sound which analyzes your unique hearing profile and creates a custom set up just for you. 

For those looking for Bluetooth speakers, Anker and Soundcore offer a wide range of products to fit your budget and requirements. 

For those on a budget, the Icon Mini Black is an affordable pocket-sized speaker with explosive outdoor audio capabilities. The Soundcore Motion Q is also a great budget-friendly option for adventurers with its IPX7 Rated Protection which means it’s waterproof and protected from damage even when fully-submerged. The Mini 2 is another compact speaker that boasts impressive sound quality that rivals more premium models from other brands.

For those looking to cover a bigger area, the Soundcore Flare 2 is perfect for your future beach parties and outdoor hang outs. Its powerful, bass-driven audio and light show capabilities ensure you have a party in your hands wherever you set it up.

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